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Dyplomowana Masażystka 577-848-976Ostrzeżenie -- Fake pictures, awful blowjob + terrible massage

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  • Dołączył: 01-09-2016
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Numer telefonu: 577-848-976



What a terrible decision on my part. There is no way the reviews on Odloty belong to the girl who showed up at my hotel.


Setting up the outcall was easy. She was here in a half hour. 


That was the end of any good feelings. On the phone, we had explicitly agreed that I wanted a long massage, blowjob, and rimming to me. 


I should have known there was trouble when the massage began and she had to squeeze the massage oil bottle to get anything to come out. In other words, she came to an appointment where she knew there would be a long massage with almost NO MASSAGE OIL.  Strike one.


Strike two -- after about five, maybe ten, minutes of a mediocre massage, she asks me to roll over. She then proceeds to give the laziest blowjob I've ever had. She'd suck for maybe 25 seconds before she'd return to an awful "grab the dick and tug it" handjob.  


At this point, I pretty much resigned myself that my money was wasted. I put on porn and jacked off on her tits.


I had her resume the massage at this point. After 10 minutes, she started only using one hand. So lazy. And again, because she only had a little massage oil, the massage got dry and uncomfortable very quickly. Strike three.


After 40 minutes I told her to just leave. What a ripoff. 


Setting up meeting -- Very quick to get to hotel, but everything else was terrible, so I'm not even going to give a rating. 

Appearance -- An overweight woman who must be 40+ years old. Big saggy boobs. Photos are very, very fake. 3/10

Oral -- Terrible. 2/10

Sex -- None

Rimming -- Refused even though we discussed on the phone.



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